Although we specialize in small grain augers, cornhead augers, and balancing, we are always ready for any repair or fabrication necsessary to get you back up and going. We have seen everything from balers, manure spreaders, to combines and tractors come in for work. 

One of the reasons we excel in small grain headers is that each head that comes through the door gets rigorously inspected, regardless of what it needs. We then inform you of what we found, and let you make the decision of how to proceed.

The way we see it is this: You brought your equipment here to get it fixed, and get it fixed right. Nobody wants to go back, start up again, and just break something else.
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm Saturday & Sunday
Midwest Ag Parts
311 S. Main St.
Canton, SD
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